Product Categories

  • Reading Systems

personal reading systems, often used by blind or highly visually impaired persons the read printed text without help of other persons. The printing is scaned by a computing system and reworked by a OCR software and in the end read by a output voice system.

  • Braille displays

The braille display is used together with a PC. It displays the letters on the screen in braille. By that aid a blind person is able to  work with a PC as an indepentent efficient worker.


    • video magnifier

    The video magnifier zooms the printing on a TV or PC screen and  supports the user by special features of manipulating the image for helping reading.

    • Software

    For blind and visual impaired persons special software is available to support you on the daily life with a computer.

    • daily aids

    There is a huge range of small and big tools available, to support visual impaired and blind people in their daily life.